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For 20 years, DLC-Mennesson has proven its skills in sales, repair and calibration of Elster water meters and related systems. We provide unique bespoke solutions in water metering and its environment, such as our fraud prevention systems, our mutli-meter equipments, feeder tanks and swan necks.

Designer and manufacturer of the Iso Court* meter boxes and meter chambers, sole distributor for Carson large access chambers and Cubis modular access chambers, we offer a wide product range perfectly adapted to all your needs.

*Innovative patented system of piston type water meter positioning

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ZAC du Bois de Plante – Rue Louise de la Vallière – 37700 – Saint-Pierre-Des-Corps – FRANCE
Tel : (+33)

Lieu-dit “Lacoste” – 33210 – Saint-Pierre-Des-Mons – FRANCE
Tel : (+33)

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